Nha Trang Seafood Bar Co Hao's Kitchen

Co Hao's kitchen is store specializes in providing wholesale and retail Nha Trang seafood in Ho Chi Minh City. After being caught, Nha Trang seafood barn will be cleaned and frozen to ensure quality and freshness when transported to Ho Chi Minh City by road.

Coming to Co Hao Kitchen shop , you will know the specific selling price of each product type , the origin as well as the ways of preservation and processing .

Co Hao Kitchen Shop is committed to product quality, price and delivery time in the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City.

Frozen foods

Our country has more than 3200 km of coastline. This is an advantage in terms of food and seafood supplies. Natural seafood provides us with a rich source of nutrients. Co Hao kitchen always updates fresh seafood from fishing boats in Nha Trang. The price is always stable and the lowest in the market. With free shipping when the order is 500 thousand VND or more.

 Nha Trang seafood barn will be updated every season.

Customers choose to buy seafood and go to cart , when making payment, please contact directly with Co Hao Kitchen for advice on choosing to buy fresh seasonal seafood at the best price in Ho Chi Minh City market right away. To know more about the purchase process, please see more at contact

Other Food

In addition to frozen seafood products, Co Hao Kitchen Nha Trang Seafood Bowl also offers specialty dishes from the central provinces of Vietnam. Our selling prices are always updated every day.

Functional foods

Not only stopping at seafood, we will search for healthy foods according to selective criteria to introduce to customers.

Kitchen tools

Co Hao Kitchen Store continues to retail kitchen products. These are products that are linked to the e-commerce application for your convenience to shop. We look forward to receiving your support.

In addition, Co Hao Kitchen will also guide you on how to make dishes made from seafood through the website. posts . This is a page that stores ways to prepare dishes with main ingredients from seafood. Looking forward to your attention and sharing. In addition, wensite can also run ads on google ads using landing pages Fresh Seafood Every Day .